Reasons To Go For Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery


Every year, more than 1 million cases of plastic surgery are operated in the entire US. There are several reasons why people go for the surgeries. More than 55% of women opt for breast surgery; while most of the celebrities go for surgery just to maintain their attractive facial beauty to look young in front of others and camera. On the side of experts, there are various reasons to recommend the plastic surgery, like issues by birth, tumor, reconstruction after cancer and so on. Let’s have a close look over these reasons where people actually need the plastic surgery.


Breast Reconstruction


Many women who suffer from long sized breast often choose plastic surgery for breast reconstruction. Large sized breast might cause health issues like back problem. Recently, there are several cases in which men have undergone this procedure as they had been suffering from large breast size, causing various health issues. Experts recommend surgery because there is no cure to treat this disorder.


Surgery Of Specific Part


Most of the time, people suffer from tumor, cancer or other serious wound that not only hampers the natural look but also causes various health issues, mainly in the long run. Hence, experts advise the plastic surgery so that he affected part can easily be removed before it affects other areas of the body. In many such cases, it takes a few hours of time to perform the surgery on specific parts like limb or fingers.