Advantages And Scope Of The Braun Series 9296cc All-Round Shaver

Premium design, featured with a new SyncroSonic patented technology, a fast charging system and an efficient design, the new braun series 9296 cc comes with over the top beneficial features that make shaving an easy and mesmerizing experience.  In the article we shall be talking about the scope and advantages of the machine.

Scope of the machine:

  • Extractable trimmer- the trimmer of the shaver can be extracted for various purposes. Though the trimmer comes with an advanced five steps cleaning system that disposes off almost 99.99% of the germs, yet you can manually also detach the trimmer and work accordingly.
  • Cleaning and charging system- as stated above, the new trimmer comes on with a fast cleaning and charging system that helps in wiping off the dirt of the machine
  • Premium leather case- the system also comes on with a hard leather case that protects the machine from shocks and jerks.
  • Cleaning brush- for manual cleaning purposes, cleaning brush is also given with the trimmer and one can manually also clean the blades


  • The first advantage of the trimmer is that it gives the most efficient and fast shave to a user
  • It`s great for sensitive skin since the advanced “Syncrosonic” technology automatically adjusts with the beard and skin type of the user to give the best possible shave.
  • It has the world`s only 5 system based alcohol cleaning and charging station system
  • The trimmer also has five specialized blades that readjust automatically
  • The trimmer is 100% water resistant
  • It also has the 50-minute battery life
  • An LED display is also added on to the list of features in the machine.