A Juice A Day Will Keep The Doctor Away


Juices are full of nutrients whether it is vegetable juice or fruit juice. They are a source of good vitamins that can heal and immune the body from chronic diseases. The plant chemicals present in the fruits are extremely good for health and can result in weight loss, glowing skin, shiny hair texture and a good healthy feeling. drink sati is an online portal where all amazing variety of juices are available for purchase. It supports juices that are made from real fruits and vegetables, the natural extract of the fruits is used in the juices. The benefit of drinking these doubles with the fact that they are made of all natural fruits.


Juices Available At Drink Sati Are:


  • Kiwi – rich in vitamin C, A, E, potassium, copper, iron. The benefits of kiwi juice include healthy skin tone, glowing skin, reducing blood pressure and heart diseases.
  • Orange–it is rich in vitamin C, fiber, protein, magnesium and other minerals. It boosts the metabolism and leaves a refreshing and energized feeling.
  • Watermelon – it is mainly 92% water and filled with vitamins and nutrients like lycopene which is good for the heart health and bone health.
  • Strawberry–full of antioxidants, lower blood pressure, no cholesterol and fat.